When Navy Seal was a bitty little boy, he was always looking for "My Meg".
Our kids have ALWAYS gotten along. They are 4 years apart and are pretty good friends.
And, as all families do, we love the words and phrases our kids used as KIDS and we—the parents—STILL use those words.
Nee-Nee is Ice Cream.
Maga is Grandma Lynnette.
Matt Do is my favorite from Matt.
Emily said "Sout" for Scout when she was little.
The KIDS no longer use these words and phrases.
Dan and I DO!!!!

And lately, we’ve all been saying,
"Where My Meg"?

She’s on a college trip to Berlin.
We hardly ever hear from her. And she has a cold. And this mama worries.
But she’ll be fine.

And I’ll be FINE.