So I’m shopping today.
I had to go to Omaha for a meeting.
And I stopped at Bed Bath and Beyond with my 20% of coupon from the Sunday paper.
The store was cramped and filled to the rafters with crap. The carts would hardly travel around. It was one way traffic everywhere IN the store.
Checking out was terrible. Only one checker. And it was at customer service. Everyone was lined up with their carts, and the checker was non verbal. Methodic. Non smiling.
After you paid, you had to take your stuff BACK through the line to go out the door.

It was terrible.

Then I went to the meeting. It was almost terrible.

Then I stopped at Kohls.
We are going on a business trip and I wanted to maybe find something new to wear.
Again, crowded aisles.
ONE checker.
Everyone lined up.
I asked loudly if she could call another checker please.
She didn’t even look up. She called for another checker over the loudspeaker.
A girl came about 3 minutes later. Sauntering.
Moping along.
Opened another line.
Checked me out WITHOUT speaking at all.
Except to see my ID.

She said "ID?"
Here, I said.
STUFFED the stuff in ONE sack. Gotta save sacks, you know.

It was terrible.

Am I old?
Am I crotchedy?
Back in the day, when I worked at JCPenney, we ALWAYS talked.
To each other, to customers, to the management.

Once, I went into Younkers to buy something.
It was an echo chamber in there.
I couldn’t find anyone to check me out.

I stood in the middle of the store and took out all my cash and WAVED it above my head.
"Anyone want to check me out?"
I hope the security cameras got that.

I am liking my old sweats more and more.
And I am liking shopping less and less.

My favorite movie line? From Pretty Woman.
"We’re going to need alot of sucking up" .
They were in a store, shopping.

Now THAT would be NOT terrible!