I asked somebody that today at a family graduation party.
It actually was an old classmate of mine! Small world. She married my aunt’s brother.
Another classmate married the same aunt’s SISTER!
I saw them both today after 26 years.

Everyone told me what they "do".
I’m a trainer at the Pella Windows plant.
I’m a social worker at 5 area hospitals and do discharges.
I farm.

What do YOU do?

I was stumped.

Not much, I said!!!

My children are getting older, and I’m not as involved in their activities.
I am active in the high school Fine Arts Booster group.
And I’m one of Tom Osborne’s TeamMates to a 6th grader.
I’m not in Girl Scouts anymore.
I don’t volunteer at the hospital gift shop anymore.
And I don’t have a paying job.

I don’t even really clean the house!

I read.
I do research on the internet.
I play with Photoshop and photography.
I make bread.
I windowshop.
I help Dan.

But, my MAIN job, according to Matt….

Apparently, a very IMPORTANT job!