Not much on my calendar today……so, instead of tackling my sCRAProom, or the ironing, or the basement, or my pantry, or my stack of books to read….I went to Omaha.
I went to the Target on Saddlecreek which will be closing in a year. It is a regular, small Target, but still fun to visit every once in a while.
I went to Lowe’s, not once but TWICE to get more shelving for my sCRAProom. I ran into Boz there and it was fun to just say hi to him.
I spent some time at Michael’s, just browsing. I picked up a few things I want to give to MissKraftFairy for her next big project…a shamrock for meeeee!
I also went to the grocery store…the new HyVee on Maple almost to Elkhorn….and stocked up for the coming winter storm!!
I must admit that I’m looking forward to a little snow. I like winter.

Valentine’s Day was kind of a non-event for me, as I again went to the dentist. Yuck. It was a pretty bad experience for everyone involved. I miss Vicki, the hygienist. She’s in the hospital.
Our meeting about birthing the Blair Community Theater went well. It’s gonna be a long labor!
I got some great tulips from Dan. And a mushy card.
Megan brought me a gerber daisy boquet. So nice.

Best part was attending M’s 6th grade band and choir concert. She is my Teammate Mentee. She’s a great kid…played the flute and sang in the back row. She’s a tall drink of water!!!
Dan went with me. What a guy! We took pictures with our new telephoto lens and it was GREAT!

And now, something for the David Cassidy fans out there.
I missed out on this Halloween Costume when I was a kid, but here’s an AD for it!!!
Poor David.