Randomness abounds.

I have adopted the word FUN for my word of the year. Ali Edwards talks about this on her blog, and she is very wise and cool. I’ve never been a "cool kid" but I’m a very good follower.
I did some errands today in Omaha, and I tried to have "fun".
I think I did.
I think it was fun.
I went to Whole Foods and to Target and to Office Max and then to a meeting where I learned about investing and we ate catered food from Cheesecake Factory.
For me…this was a Fun day!

My favorite daughter is back from Germany. I can’t wait to see her and see what she brought me!!!

I bought some really neat items on ebay recently…including about 10 bars of old hotel soap from Iowa hotels. My mom’s family owned a few of them, and I’m going to frame the soaps and hang them with some pictures of those hotels up at the lake.
It’s pretty lame of me to get excited about a bar of 40 year old soap.
But I think it is pretty cool!
The seller told me she got the soap in a bag at a flea market.

And I listened to the president speak tonight while in my car. I think the State of the Union speech is more fun to watch on TV than listen to on the radio….I like watching the democrats and republicans try to out-clap each other.