started out early early this morning when I got a telephone call from HunTel Security telling me that one of our buildings downtown had a fire alarm going off.
Oh My Gosh!
Oh, and Dan was out of town.
I got dressed and went downtown to see if I could help. TWO of Blair’s finest firetrucks and about TWENTY of Blair’s finest Volunteer FireFighters were already there, looking for the source of the alarm.
I had Dan on my cell phone and he helped me tell them how to navigate a hallway upstairs to get to an apartment located in a building next door.
Turns out the fire was actually in that apartment, NOT in our building, but smoke caused our building to react.
Turns out, someone was cooking who maybe shouldn’t have been cooking and food was burned and smoke ensued.
That’s all I’m saying about THAT.

Thank You again and again to our VOLUNTEER FireFighters in Blair. So many of you got up in the middle of the night and were there even before I was.

Blair is in Good Hands.