The Month O Fun has started! Spent SuperAdSunday making chili and guacamole.
Here are some products I’m loving and using right now…

Simply Avocado....YUMMO avacados.
Simply Avocado....YUMMO avacados.

Wholly Guacamole uses Haas Avacados from Mexico in several recipes, including plain avacado now. I love avacados, but here in Nebraska, they are either moldy and shriveled at the store, Green and hard as a rock, or three dollars a piece!
This is in the produce section (I got it at Hy-Vee) and tastes even BETTER than an avacado you grew on your own tree.
Well, that might not be true. But it is close.

We use tortilla’s from a package and fry them up for a great dipper for that Guac!

Tazo Tea....whoda thunk...ME---drinking TEA!!!
Tazo Tea....whoda thunk...ME---drinking TEA!!!

I’m a Diet Coke girl.
(Well, and a Russian Vodka and Tonic Girl Too.)
But I ate lunch at Whole Foods one day with Nancy and Emily and they have NO DIET COKE there, so I picked this out of the cooler and have loved it since. It is expensive and hard to locate in Omaha.
And I really really enjoy drinking it.