Music Blaring…Blue Skies…..Long, Empty Roads. My drive through Iowa was MORE than beautiful. It was just Inspiring! There are SO many towns I have never visited in my beloved Iowa. Today, I spent some time in Clear Lake, a town so cute and “lakey”. Tons of cute houses, shops and an organized lake area. This is what Okoboji LACKS, in my opinion. An area to relax, shop, eat and enjoy the lake.

I planned to stop in Cedar Rapids to go see a Grant Wood exhibit at a museum, but I got there too late. I DID drive by the Quaker Oats building!

Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois are having terrible flooding problems and are on the verge of some real trouble if this rain keeps up. I drove through rain for about 2  hours and ended up stopping at a Cracker Barrel just to get a break. Luckily, my REAL Boyfriend replaced my wiper blades and they worked SO well. Thanks hunny.

Speaking of my FIRST Boyfriend…..Image

I stopped at a really cute antique store, C&S Antiques in Geneseo, IL. and saw THIS! Go friend them on Facebook. I would love to spend another afternoon in Geneseo…….beautiful streets and houses. The BP has no fountain coke, so don’t go there. What convenience store only offers one brand of Pop?!

Kudos to Hampton Inn for having plugs RightOnTheNightstand instead of having to crawl around on the floor looking for more outlets. Gross.


I’m going to eat crackers and chocolate in bed. See you in the morning!