Today is my 28th Wedding Anniversary.  I’ve worn this ring for 28 and a half years. This was the First ring we saw. I liked it immediately. But, I’m a shopper…..and I wanted to see what else was out there. But we came back to this one.

The Ring

Dan paid on it for several months.

I was almost unable to function, I spent so much time LOOKING at it! The diamond was so BIG and SPARKLY. The Emeralds were so UNIQUE and LARGE. It made me catch my breath when I would see it out of the corner of my eye. That Diamond was so full of promise  and dreams and who knew what!

Blink. Fast Forward 28 years. Blink.
I had lost one of the emeralds. It needed to be fixed.
But I put off taking it to Borsheim’s because I didn’t want to be apart from it. Even though I wasn’t wearing it (so as not to ruin the open setting) I HAD it with me.

Eventually, Dan and I took it in to be repaired. I listened as the woman behind the counter told me ALL THE THINGS WRONG with my RING.
“This is WORN OUT and that is BROKEN and over here is DAMAGED and that there is ALMOST GONE”.
I grew dizzy and sweaty and emotional. I told her I’d think about the repairs. I put the ring back in the little baggie and back in my coin purse. I quickly walked out of Borsheim’s.

It really bothered me. Those things she said about my ring.
My LARGE and SHINY and UNIQUE ring that I’ve worn for 28 and a half years.

What I HEARD was that my LIFE and MARRIAGE was broken and worn out and damaged and almost gone.
She was talking about the RING. I heard her criticize my LIFE!
None of it was true. It was just the ring.

Eventually, I took the ring back to be repaired. I picked it up a few days ago and excitedly put it back on. It was Sparkly and the Emeralds were fixed. It made my heart skip a beat.

The funny thing was…..that Diamond seemed smaller.
28 and a half years of LIFE had happened to that ring.
28 and a half years of dreams come true and wishes that happened and problems that were solved and children and dinners and laundry and living had changed that ring.
My sweet husband and our 2 children and 2 dogs and 4 houses and 6 cars and 50 trips and 2 surgeries and 9700 dinners and 16 years of school & homework & carpool and 3 fights and job changes and a million kisses and hugs had been wrung out of that ring.  My little diamond ring with 2 emeralds. The first one we saw at the first store we shopped.

28 years

Dan and I have made a great family and we have given each other a great life. He is truly my partner. This man who chose me has made every one of my dreams come true. He really has.

I hope in the NEXT 28 years, my shiny diamond almost disappears! Because that will mean we have squeezed all we could out of this life we have made!