I’ve noticed a HUGE rise in the price of Butter these last weeks. Interesting timing….right before holiday season….I did a little research and there was nothing conclusive. I read everything from the shortage of cream due to increased ice cream sales to exporting our butter to other countries! What is the price in YOUR area?

IMG_6508The butter above is from my local No Frills in Blair, NE. Land O Lakes is my preferred brand of butter.
The butter below is from Omaha 180th & Maple TargetIMG_6498

What a Bargain! 156th & Maple Hy-Vee is ONE CENT Cheaper!IMG_6503

I’m not a fan of the Hy-Vee brand for baking. Hiland brand (local to the midwest) is the same price! IMG_6504

What the heck is going on?!