Wait. We already HAD that story.
This one SHOULD be called “The One Where The Ice Machine Doesn’t Work”.

The refrigerator ice maker line leaked.
On our wood floor.
Then down through the subfloor and into the basement ceiling and on the smoke/fire/water detector.
And the alarms went off. And HunTel Security called to say we had a water issue.

Dan and I had our hearts sink when we heard that. WATER? AGAIN?!

We had an excellent experience with ServPro at Okoboji, so we called them again.
Rick, the owner, lives here in Blair and his brother was actually the carpenter in our house.
They have tools to check moisture levels and we sure enough had moisture in the floor.

Luckily, with our drop ceiling, everything is accessible.

So here’s where we are right now. They removed the base of our beloved cabinets and will place mats on the wood floor to remove some of the water.

More to come!……

And, YES, we have company coming TONIGHT. For dinner and to sleep in the guest room down there.
And YES, Grandma Florida is coming 2 days later.
Gonna Be Fun!

Biggest Problem right now is there is NO ICE BEING MADE!!!!