Thanks to my awesome husband, I’ve achieved many things on my Bucket List…including meeting David Cassidy!
It’s time to update the list!

The List in my Bucket!

1. Go on a mindless RoadTrip.

2. Take a weeklong trip to NewYorkCity to just EAT, SHOP and BROADWAY.

3. Learn how to use my Canon 20D camera.

4. Learn Photoshop…….at least enough to use frames and edit photos better.

5. Write a Cookbook.

6. Have all my ironing done.

7. Have my house cleaned. At the Same Time.

8. Have a car….instead of a MomVan.

9. Have a Dinner Party.

10. Learn how to land our Cirrus airplane. Right Seat Training.

11. Learn how to play the drumset and take a lesson from Teri Cote.

12. Learn how to sail at Lake Okoboji.

13. Plant a small orchard/garden/relaxing area across the street.

14.  Go back to college and update my advertising/marketing degree.

15. Have Dinner with David Cassidy (and his wife and my husband.)

This is my entry in the Just Ask Bucket List Getaway Giveaway.
Just Ask 
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