….so, I’m at the courthouse today, with Navy Seal, because he got a ticket.
We arrange to get off school, he puts on his white shirt, good pants, and a tie.
We go to the courthouse and search for where to go. What to do.
Oh, there’s a CLOSED door that says "Courtroom". Should we open it?
We do. It’s FILLED with people of all kinds. Nobody moves to let us sit down.
We stand in the doorway until someone offers to move over and free up a seat.

The event begins.

The judge comes in…stand up, sit down.

Then, the almost indestinguishable deluge begins. Commotions here and there, door opening and closing through the entire morning, lawyers walking through, taking people in and out, up and down, judge talking, questioning, two sheriffs up front, people in and out, one sheriff spends quite a bit of time telling one man to take off his hat.

(Incidentally, this also happened in court in Omaha a few years ago when I went with another child to court. One officer had to walk around and tell people NOT TO LAY DOWN ON THE CHAIRS.

We wait.
There seems to be no schedule and just a bit of controlled chaos through the morning.
And we sat on the hard chairs, waiting.
Listening to the charges on these people. DUI, MIP, Assault, DWI……and many of them seemed to have been PLEA BARGAINED DOWN. Some charges dropped in exchange for a guilty plea on others.

And, Navy Seal and I witnessed this all morning. He in his white shirt and tie. Me in my dark suit.

Then, the judge left….and the prosecuting attorney said….."okay, the rest of you with traffic violations, names?"
We said our name, she gave us the citation and told us to go down to the window and pay the fine.

This, after more than 2 hours.

We go down to the window. No checks. (I didn’t know this.)
Pay the Fine.

And he did.

And we left, he, impressionable in his white shirt and tie, me in my suit.