I stayed over another night in Philadelphia and had a nice dinner at a Bistro in the neighborhood. I had plans on Monday to visit the Market, but it was raining and I could NOT find parking, so I started home. I took a wrong turn and ended up at a Giant Grocery Store. I LOVE grocery stores, so I went in to see what I could find. It was a great visit 🙂

Frozen Pasta
I’d love to have access to this pasta! So many different shapes and types.
Total Mileage
Total Mileage so far.
Turnpike Ticket
I’ve never driven on a Turnpike…it is expensive in Pennsylvania.
Giant Store
It might be weird but I LOVE visiting grocery stores! Today I went to a Giant Store.
Flower Section
The Giant Store had SUCH a huge Flower section. They were fresh and very pretty.
Tazo Tea Bottles
I was wandering the store wishing I could find some Tazo Tea and Ta-Dah! There it Was!
A whole section devoted to fresh Mozzarella. Don’t have THAT at the Hy-Vee!
TasteyBake Display
Another brand I’ve heard of but don’t see in Nebraska.
Barilla Cut Pasta
I have the HARDEST time finding this Barilla Cut Spaghetti. I bought a couple of boxes.
My Salad
My Salad. Lots of Broccoli!