We fly our own plane. Dan has over 1000 hours of flying THIS airplane alone. He’s a great pilot.
We don’t have to take our clothes off and drudge through security.
My inflight entertainment and snacks are all the ones I like!
We leave on OUR schedule.
It’s FUN!

The View From the Backseat on this trip to LostWages was SO beautiful. I can really see the country from back there.
And the landscape changed from farmland to mountains to desert right before our eyes.

The landscape on this trip was so beautiful that we just stared out the window for long stretches.
The clouds are also amazing. Who didn’t want to bounce on clouds when they were a child?

We DID encounter a tad bit of bumpy weather on this trip, which rivaled my experience on the Arnold’s Park Roller Coaster.
I was green and nauseas, but took some Dramamine and promptly went to sleep. I’m like Pavlov’s Dog. Dramamine….Sleep.
Dan was able to use his radar and driving skills to navigate through the storms. I think he likes doing that.

The Las Vegas Skyline has really changed since I was there last to see David Cassidy in EFX (at the MGMGrand, no less!…….same theater as KA.)


Taken looking out the back window of the plane. Unretouched.
Beautiful,  beautiful sunset.
Good Bye, Las Vegas!