Just a few thoughts about Brent’s funeral…..

* His family came front and spoke. Brent was 21 and he was not perfect. But his mother said he now is wearing angel wings. His mother was very brave, and spoke through tears, sobs and chokes. But she did it. She said her piece. I hope she has peace.

* His father, a quiet man, spoke straight to me. He said that Brent went down the path that he would not have chosen for his son. And that was fine. It was HIS path. I struggle with the same thoughts with my own child. This is not the path………..
Thanks, Bill, for saying it outloud. It’s okay for this to happen. It’s what is supposed to happen.

* The Young Americans took up almost an entire section of the church. Some came from Japan. Some rode a bus for over 30 hours. Funerals are important. They are for the living.

* The pastor said that his death was UNTIMELY and he believed that is was truly not Brent’s "time". but this is how it happened. This is our reality. Brent died. But looking around at that church, I was shocked at the sheer numbers of people there.

* Sometimes voices and feelings in your head persist.
I will call somebody at the Y. I will. I really will. I’ll get to it. Not today. I’m tired today. Tomorrow, maybe. Then, years pass……..WHEN?
And I walked into the restaurant for lunch and SHE was there. My friend who recently invited me back to the Y.
WHY was she there at that minute?????