Another long weekend is ahead of us.
"When should we go up to the Lake?"
"Should we fly or drive?"
"I need to take up some more vintage Iowa Plates I found on ebay….."



I remember. We CAN’T stay there. Because it FLOODED!!

Well, all that is starting to change! This week, we are getting started.
Because our "people" are re-designing the house and putting it back together!
I’m exchanging e-mails every day, getting drawings, researching flooring, tearing out magazine pages, dreaming and thinking, and getting ready to get started!

Next up?
Picking out the carpet and flooring, finalizing the kitchen cabinet layout, deciding once and for all the layout of the bathroom, and driving around to stores looking for more fans!


We went to TheBoy’s last conference and swelled up with pride at his grades.
School has never come easy for that one……and he works hard every day. Best grades ever. I hope he makes the honor roll. It will be the first time. He has come a long way, and the teachers in the Blair School System have seen to it that he was never left behind.

The other day, he had to read out loud in front of an audience on the spot. Without any practice or help.
It was no problem. No sweat. No Biggie.
Well, it was a biggie to me. I shed a tear over THAT.

And TheGirl? She took "her kids" to the State Speech contest in Kearney!
SHE drove a big huge suburban filled with the speech kids!
And the one she worked with did really well. They ALL did well, including HER!!!
She had fun, worked hard all year, and got some great experience under her belt.

And, I never would have seen that coming.
She’s come a long way, too.