It’s Saturday morning and we are ALL doing something!
Matt went out to Camp Fontanelle to play with his AirSoft gun. He gets together with a bunch of guys and I think they do a little role-play like military guys.
Matt will probably go into the military………yikes!

Dan is at a Boy Scout meeting in Omaha and then will go on a "boys weekend" in Kansas City to see a Chiefs game.

I also got up early and went to a training meeting to be a mentor with TeamMates. This is a program started by Tom Osborne back in 1991 and it has really grown. I will become a one on one mentor with a 6th grader here in town. The program is part of the school day and we go once a week.

I remember once when Coach Osborne talked about one of his football players, who had gotten in trouble again and again. The public seemed frustrated that he did not just kick this player off the team.
Tom, who is generally quiet and doesn’t talk about things like this, actually said he gave the kid another chance because he had nothing else. Not a good family situation, not done with his education yet, etc.

I know this happens, but it still snapped me back to reality.

There are kids who don’t have parents. There are kids who make their own way without a responsible adult. And there are kids who, with just a little of the right attention, can change their lives.

I can’t wait to go meet my mentee!!
Not that I’M all that wonderful.
But I have the time. And I have an ear. And I have a smile.

And I need something to do.

I’LL benefit just as much as she will.