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Guacamole made by an Irish Girl

Left-overs of Rice Patties and Chicken tonight wasn’t that successful…..but we also had Guacamole and that WAS successful! I take the easy route when I make Guacamole……ok, I just Assemble it. But Who Cares? It tastes so Good!

Today’s batch was prepared in my vintage Pyrex Teardrop Measuring Bowl. I have 3 bowls in the teardrop shape and they are good for pouring.

I used a large and 2 small avacados that were in remarkably good shape! I hate cutting into one that is all brown, grey or bruised. I mixed that with 2 pouches of Wholly Guacamole mix and some Graddy’s Salsa. We used some homemade chips from the Omaha Whole Foods and I warmed them in the oven.


Kinda helped make the left-overs taste a little better… 😉

PS. Do you know how to get the pit out of an Avacado? Hold it in your open hand and jam your knife into it. The knife will stick in that pit. You give it a turn and the pit will come out!