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Chicken Stock in a Vingage Pot

Let’s Face it, you need a BigArse Pot for making Chicken Stock!

Last night, I found some Bare Chicken on sale at Hy-Vee for $4. FOUR DOLLARS A CHICKEN!!! That is unheard of. The tricky part was those wonderful Organic, sort of Local Chickens “expired” tomorrow, so I had to either freeze them or cook them. I figured as long as I was cooking one of them, I’d cook both.

Veggies for Chicken StockChickens Before RoastingOXO ThermometerI’ve learned (the hard way) to always use a thermometer and/or a timer when cooking. I love my OXO digital thermometer. Vintage Pot with Copper LidI am using this extra large pot I got from Dan’s Grandmother’s kitchen after she passed away a few months ago. It is quite large and has a copper top. I didn’t have a pot large enough for 2 chickens until now!

What's In the potBubbling Chicken Stock

Beef and Barley Soup

I own 759 cookbooks, and CooksIllustrated.com is about the only place I get recipes.
Today I purchased a Piece-O-Beast from Costco and I cut it apart to make several dishes…..including Beef and Barley Soup.

I browned the Chuck chunks and veggies in my Lodge Cast Iron pot but cooked the soup all day in my OLD Crockpot.
It is 25 years old and works great. It gets really hot. Really. Hot. And it probably unsafe.
But I like it!

I made my own beef broth from some soup bones I got at the store and trimmings from the Hunk-O-Chuck.

I followed the recipe pretty much. You can find it here.
Next time, I’ll add some flour to the meat when I brown it so the liquid will thicken as it cooks.
I might try making it in the oven, too see how that turns out.

Not many pictures this time.