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Pumpkin Pie for my Boy

He loves Pumpkin Pie…that Boy of Mine.
So while he mowed and helped outside I was inside making his favorite pie.

I used MY favorite recipe from Cooks Illustrated….The Best Pumpkin Pie.
The technique for this pie is so different, but it is very delicious.

Baked Pumpkins
The shell is blind baked and the custard is cooked on the stove.

blind baked
It also uses Cream and Milk instead of canned milk.

I like that better.

FInished Pie

Pumpkin Soup made from Pumpkin from a Pumpkin

I picked up some “pie pumpkins” at Wenninghoff’s Farm Store with the SOLE intention of making Pumpkin Soup for my Russian Brother-In-Law. Nathan isn’t really Russian, but he doesn’t know that.
Last Christmas, he asked me to make him some Pumpkin Soup and I tried, but I used Butternut Squash, and I don’t think it was what he wanted.
Tonight was TakeOne on a version to serve at Christmas.

Cut roast Scrape

Leeks Potatoes



It turned out fine. I made the recipe up as I went along but based it off several I found on the internets.
I plan to try this again, but next time, I’ll cut the pumpkin in half, de-seed, and roast upside down on a tray.
Cutting it up dried it out too much.
I added a 1/2 t. of smoked paprika, salt, pepper and a cinnamon stick. I liked that spice combination.

Pumpkin Muffins in my new IKEA pan

Sundays around here mean baking for Matt.
Treats for him to take back to college to share with his roommates.

I wanted to make some pumpkin cake but was out of canned pumpkin.
I did have a jar of Pumpkin Butter in my pantry…complete with the spices in the recipe…so I tried it!

Pumpkin butter

IKEA pan

Pan with Muffins

I liked the pan! And I LOVE the cute muffin papers that went with it.
My recipe is from one of my favorite websites….Tammy’s Recipes
This batch needed a little more flour because the Pumpkin Butter was a bit more “wet” than canned pumpkin. But I’d use the jarred Pumpkin Butter again. I added no spices and it tasted good. We’ll see what the boys say….