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Caesar Salad

Got my first internet order from One Farm! I place my order via Local Dirt and Danelle picks it from her farm and I pick it up at her house! I chose some lettuces with the intention of making a Caesar Salad with from scratch dressing. One Farm Romain Lettuce deserves REAL dressing 🙂

Salad Bowl

I based my Caesar Salad Dressing on my trusty Cooks Illustrated site, but I didn’t use all the same ingredients. I did not have any anchovy fillets, but I would use them if I had them. There are many tips, tricks and hints about this salad, so go read it if you can.

Prepping to make Caesar Salad Dressing

It takes some Prep to make a salad! I worked on this one for maybe an hour. I added sauteed chicken tenders, which isn’t always included. I also boiled the eggs for 1 minute to give them extra creaminess in the dressing. I love using my super duper big Salad Bowl.

Many Caesar Salad Ingredients

I used 1 t. Grated Garlic and let it sit for 15 minutes in the juice of 1/2 a lemon. Added 1 t. Worchestershire sauce, 2 coddled egg yolks, 6 t. Olive Oil & 4 t. Canola Oil, a Dollop of Dijon Mustard, and some Grated Parmesan.  I made the Croutons out of Take-N-Bake Ciabatta Bread and some olive oil. I baked them til browned and crunchy.  I used 2 kinds of Romaine lettuce and some spinach. Then, assembled the salad!

Caesar Salad on the Table

It was good, fresh, crunchy and satisfying. I’ll make it again, using another recipe. But I’ll always use homemade croutons.