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When life gives you 20 bags of frozen fruits…….

I got sick of the bags of frozen fruit in my freezer falling on my toes.
Time stop hoarding them and make something with them!

bags of fruit

I had bags of Watermelon, Strawberries, Colorado Peaches, Plums, Bananas, a few Blueberries and who knows what else! Some had measurements, and I put those bags of fruit back in. Those are for Jam! The rest, went into my old trusty Blender.

fruit in blender

I added some Apple Juice and some local Burbach’s Dairy Grape Juice just to loosen it up. I didn’t add anything else. Just frozenĀ  fruit and juice.


adding juice

It blended up like a dream! We like it thick, so we used spoons. The secret to a “creamy” texture is the frozen Bananas.

in a cup

Next time, I’m adding Vodka!