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Kentucky Hot Brown….my version

I made a version of this Kentucky Hot Brown recipe.
I’ve never had a REAL “Hot Brown” but this version looked good. I followed her recipe pretty much but I didn’t add tomatoes and I DID add American Cheese.

KentuckyHotBrown in Pan

My version was small. I used a roll of Pillsbury Seamless Crescent Roll dough and didn’t use all of it in this vintage Pyrex loaf pan. I made rolls out of the extra. I did grease the pan and add parchment paper. (I LOVE using Parchment paper and the King Arthur brand is my favorite.)

Kentucky Hot Brown Ingredients

Ingredients I used are:
1 roll Crescent Dough….half in the bottom of the pan, half over the top. I used more so it would be a “loaf” when done.
Ham….I used real ham and cut it in small pieces
Cheese…..I used Swiss Cheese slices and American Cheese slices
Bacon……I used my favorite Farmland
2-3 eggs, scrambled
The recipe called for turkey and tomato, which sounds so delicious. I didn’t have either so I just left them out.

Layer Crescent Dough, Ham, Bacon, Cheese, 1/2 egg mixture, Ham, Bacon, Cheese, Crescent Roll, Rest of the Egg over the top.
Bake in a 350* oven 15-20 minutes covered with foil and 15-20 minutes uncovered. Let rest 10 minutes before cutting into it.


It was delicious! Smelled great, too. I think this would make a great Brunch item. We’ll try it at The House At The Lake some weekend. Even Matt loved it! I can see how you can use leftover meats, cheeses and vegetables in this to change it up. Yum!
Thanks EatAtHomeCooks for the recipe!