Cute hubby and I went to big "tooodooo" at the Holland Center tonight. It was a Symphony Gala and the preformer was Tony Bennett!
Oh, the place is so beautiful. Dick and Mary Holland were there….they donated alot of the money to build this gem of a building……..and I wanted to just thank them.
Thank them for being so generous with their money.
Thank them for supporting the arts.
And isn’t it neat that they are still alive to see this happen?!

Blair needs "A Place".

Just a place for the Arts.
Right now, there is no place.
No place for a community theater to store expensive and valuable props and costumes.
No place for community meetings to be held.
No place for Miss KraftFairy to hold a class to teach scrapbooking.
No place for rehearsals.
No place for kids and adults who aren’t necessarily athletic.
No place for authors or writers or artists to come and teach and talk and share.
No place for a cooking class.
No place for 4-H or Scout troops to meet.

We have rooms at school and rooms here or there. But no "place" where it is all together.

I need to develop this dream. It has been in my head for so many years. I’m starting to get ready to talk about it. See if other people share this dream of a "place" in Blair for the Arts.

I wonder if the Hollands started this way?
Because I sat in a building tonight that started as a dream.
And now it is real.
It is a Place.