yhippee! I still love a snow day.
A Freebie.
A Gimme.
An "extra".
I took this beautiful photo this morning, right before my "snowstorm" preparations.


Snowstorm preparations consist of going to the grocery store and buying everything is sight for the upcoming blizzard where you might be stuck inside for an hour or two!
My aunt used to go buy Pepsi and Cigarettes.
I buy milk and potato chips! (had enough diet coke on hand!)


This one’s for my Florida Family. This is so beautiful…you DON’T know what you are missing by living down there in paradise!

While driving in Omaha the other night, we ran into three wise men, and camel and some shepards.


And then we followed the star to a manger protected by a


multitude of angels!



It’s our Favorite Second Grader!



Attending this Live Nativity at Emily’s church will certainly be a new tradition for us. It was So well done and everyone was SO friendly. Dan, Navy Seal and I drove through twice and went inside for cookies and really HOT apple cider.