Yesterday, my friend Nancy sent me an e-mail saying that she was not feeling well and had a cold. I thought to myself…wow. I’m lucky I haven’t gotten anything yet.

then, like 20 minutes later
my nose started running
and my eyes were sore
and my ear hurt…again
and my throat was scratchy
and it hurt to breath in through my nose.

and today

I’m so feverish that I can hardly hold my head up to read all the junk-mail that enters my spam-box.
I’m so sick that I had to actually WAIT until that frozen brownie I took from the freezer was THAWED because I didn’t have the STRENGTH to cut it frozen.
I’m so frail that I was unable to go to the store to buy apples and carrots for my baby boy.
    and diet coke.     I’m rationing it.
I’m so achey that I could hardly even feel it when Dan rubbed my head.
    what was that? I feel something…..