While I dream about this potential new TV show!! RUBY AND THE ROCKITS
Saturday, November 1 at 5:00pm
CBS Studio Center, Studio City, CA

“Ruby and the Rockits” is a half-hour, multi-camera comedy starring Alexa Vega (“Spy Kids”) as Ruby, the teenage daughter of David Callahan (David Cassidy) and niece of Patrick Callahan (Patrick Cassidy), brothers and former teen idols in the band The Rockits. Since David continues to tour and pursue a life in music, he turns to Patrick to help raise Ruby, who joins the Callahan clan consisting of Patrick, his wife and two sons. “Ruby” was written by former teen idol Shaun Cassidy (Patrick’s brother and David’s half-brother) and Ed Yeager. Austin Butler of “Zoey 101” co-stars.

It will be TAPED on November 1 and I almost got a ticket to go see the taping.
I ALMOST got one.
Well, I never applied for one, but if I had…………sigh……………