Dan and I spent a little time together today. He had to be driven to Lincoln to pick up the airplane. But first he had a meeting in Fremont. I went along and did a little antique shopping. I bought some scrapbook stuff at the store downtown that is associated with a printer. The scrapbook store is something like "The Busy Bee". I also went to Dime Store Days and Park Avenue Antiques. I bought some cute pumpkin guys there, done by Nan Baker. I have several different seasonal things by her.

I stopped at Aardvark Antiques in Lincoln and found some great Pyrex things. I collect interesting-to-me Pyrex things and refrigerator glass storage items. They are the early versions of Tupperware! I also picked up a neat children’s book about the telephone. Those are always fun to find.

I also stopped at the SuperTarget at 84th and something. It’s fun to sometimes go to different Targets. All the girls at 2Peas talk about Heidi Swapp scrapbook things at SuperTarget, but I have found none at any of our Omaha stores. I DID, though, purchase 5 jumbo bags of Halloween Candy!!!

I also stopped at Mangelson’s but didn’t stay long. I was just getting tired.

Spent the evening snuggled in my chair watching Martha’s Apprentice, Lost and Invasion. Good Shows!!!

Matt got his new AirSoft Gun and he’s going to go play Commando games this weekend with some friends. I hope he has a blast.

Dan is reading. DeStressing. Thinking.

And, hello to my neighbor, Miss KraftFairy!