When MY children were little, I didn’t have very much extra money for fancy schmancy toys….so they played mostly with traditional and homemade toys.
IF I had a pile of money to spend at ToysRUs…….I wouldn’t have!
The toys I chose for them to play were to spur skill, use their imagination, and to last for years.

Now that I’m a Grandmother….the plan remains the same!
Simple and Creative toys that will last years and years.

I recently entered and won a contest sponsored by PurePlayKids and my order arrived JUST in time for Alice’s upcoming birthday.


She’s getting a Wooden Sorting & Counting Rainbow Stacker and Wooden Lacing Animals (so she can sew just like Mama)


The toys are MADE IN AMERICA. They don’t smell weird or have shiny paint or have sharp edges.
The box arrived real quick with a hand written note inside from the owners Mike and Tania.


There was a time YEARS ago when Dan and I talked about opening a store like this. We didn’t, but we were frustrated at finding good, traditional, well-made, creative toys for our children. I’m so glad I entered this contest and FOUND Pure Play Kids.com.

And I can’t wait for Alice’s birthday!