Had to say it.
But preparation is on my mind these past days. And our priest talked about it on Saturday night, preparation is what we do during Advent.
I’m preparing my home for my brother, his beautiful wife Sue, and their red-head kids Harrison and Katie, to come and stay a few days. My God-Daughter is getting married on Saturday. Pete and his family live in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and are making this long trek for the wedding. I think the weather is going to be just fine during their visit, but I wish we had just as LITTLE snow!

I’m preparing….
Our HOUSE….. with Christmas decorations.

MEGAN’S BEDROOM….. for Harrison and Katie to sleep in. That involves clearing out all Megan’s crap, garbage and stuff AGAIN……….washing sheets, cleaning bathrooms, clearing space for their suitcases, etc. I got them electric blankets and new bedspreads. Her room has never been a guest room, so I have to PREPARE it.

THE GUEST ROOM….for Pete and Sue. Clean sheets, of course, but that room has become a bit of a catch-all, and I have to put the stuff away. And bathrooms, towels, floors.
THE FOOD…we are planning to eat here one night and celebrate Christmas with them.


I love doing all of this!
I’m a little behind schedule, but I’ll get it done. It won’t be perfect.
And, I’m going to have a little help on Wednesday, as the MAIDS will be here!
In the meantime, I’m working a little at a time,
…to PREPARE for my guests.
(even if it IS my smelly little brother!)