I’ve been working in the basement with the television on, and I’m just getting snippets of recordings of calls to 911 from people in the World Trade Center towers on September 11.

I  have often wondered what it must feel like to know you will be dieing soon.

Like the passengers in the airplane.

Were they frantic? Scared? Calm?

I always say an "Act of Contrition" when I go in our plane, or when I’m driving and bored.
I believe it wipes your soul for a bit…..and it makes me think about what I’ve been doing and how I’m living my life.

Some days, I’m doing well. Others, I need a kick in the pants.

Death is an interesting subject.

A few years ago, the high school did the musical "Once on This Island" and my aunt was in the process of dieing. I was in tears, watching the beautiful death scene portrayed in the play, where God envelopes you in his arms and takes you away.
So beautiful.

And, a TV Show I used to watch on Showtime about Reapers….they took a persons soul seconds before death, and the person felt no pain nor knew about the death.

And a book that took me THREE tries to get through it, "The Lovely Bones", talked about Heaven as what YOU want to make of it.

And Pastor Stan saying that Brent died before his time. It wasn’t his time.

I believe all these things. I believe in Heaven.

I believe that you stand before God and review your life…..and you have to own up to the sins.

And, so, I try and live my life in a good way.

And, I could be better.

Maybe I wasn’t put here to be like Mother Teresa and take care of all of India.

Maybe I was put here to help Dan.

Or give birth to Megan or Matt.

(Dan has suggested this, which blows my mind.)