Img_7090I made a Party in a Box for Megan. I was thinking she could share it with her roommate or friends on her floor. I don’t think she will.

When I was in college,  I was friends with my "neighbors" in the dorm. My roomies and I got along great. I even fixed one up and she married him! I made us all matching pajamas for Christmas one year. We kept our doors open and played music and danced in the halls. We cried together when bad things happened. We shared the joys of good grades and dates and dinners out when parents came to town.

I’m not particularly close to those girls anymore. Sometimes I want to call them up when I hear or see something that reminds me of those times back then.

When times were so simple.
Back in college.
When my life was beginning. And the road was so open.

I had a wonderful college experience. I hope my daughter does, too. I hope she takes advantage of this time, to make friends and go to events and enjoy herself. To sit in the dining hall and just talk. To study with another classmate and help each other "get it".

The kid with the big bass drum is my baby.