Every young mother at home with children has a daydream of getting away ALONE for a few days. Nobody else around to take care of ……no schedule to keep…….listening to OUR music on the radio…….driving wherever we want to go………sharing nothing and being happy about it.
We keep this dream in our heads and hearts, bringing it out every once in a while. It is on the Bucket List!


27 years after I first thought of that getaway, I’m DOING IT!
I’m taking a cross country road trip BY MYSELF!


I’m going to fill my Bucket with Rest and Food and Thinking and Music and Scenery and PeopleWatching and Books and Movies and Shopping and Looking and Driving and I don’t know WHAT else!

It’s not that my bucket is Empty. I’m a very happy Wife, Mother and Grandmother. I’m just going to fill it with a few NEW things!


At the end of my trip, I’ll be attending a Blog Conference, EatWriteRetreat.
You can follow along on my Facebook Page and The Tweeter. Also here. BucketWithFlowers