I have been reading an article in the NewYorkTimes.com about Girls and High School and College. I am interested in this because I used to be active with my daughter’s class…Girl Scout Leader, OM Coach, Room Mom…..and girls are an interesting subject.

In the groups I was involved with in my daughter’s class, I have learned that a few of them have had babies, one got married, several have changed colleges and a few have even dropped out.
My child is almost done with college. She began early and will graduate early. That is her style.

But I find this quote interesting from the story.
A few weeks earlier, Esther, taking stock of her own life, wrote in an
e-mail message: “I feel like I’m on the verge. I feel like I’m just
about to get out of high school, to enter into adulthood, to reach some
kind of state of independence and peacefulness and enlightenment.”

I feel this same way, too. I am on the verge.
My job as an ACTIVE mother is almost finished. Child number 2 will graduate next year.
Being "on the verge" never ends.