guess who came to dinner?

As in Steve Wozniak.

That computer guy Woz?


He gave an awesome speech tonight at the Qwest Center in Omaha at the AIM Banquet.
So inspirational.
Not because "he invented the computer".
He told the story of how it happened. He talked for an hour and didn’t take a breath.
And it included tidbits about how important his dad was.
And his teachers.
And employers.
And friends.
His mom and dad encouraged and helped him with his education……like the education you get from day one….reading books and learning and doing science fairs and making circuit boards and on and on.
He wasn’t boastful, but he spoke truthfully.
He DID build one of the first computers.
He IS smart.
And it didn’t happen overnight. He prepared his whole life.
Things just worked out!

Woz, thanks for changing my life. I LOVE having a computer to store pictures and write stories and shop and share ideas and research. I still have alot to learn, though.

But, you know what?
I’ve NEVER used an Apple!!!!