I made dinner tonight, but it took FOREVER. Took like FIVE hours. I am TIRED.
I wanted to make mini hamburgers.

Start a batch of hamburger bun dough in the bread machine.
Go to the store, get hamburger.
Come back home, put groceries away, start forming buns from the now finished dough.
Put dough balls into oven and start oven to GET WARM and then FORGET oven is on and COOK THE DOUGH BALLS.
Without Rising.
Throw DoughBallRocks away and start again.
Make a batch of hamburger bun dough in Bread Machine. Wait 1 hour 45 minutes for it to get done.
Fry bacon.
Make mini hamburgers and put in freezer because they are very thin. (I like them very thin.)
Make dessert for tomorrow’s party.
Make Chex Mix for tomorrow’s party.
Get second batch of hamburger bun dough out of breadmaker, form the dough balls, let them rise.
Clean up mess from other cooking.
Look up recipes for tomorrow’s dinner.
Do another load of Navy Seal’s laundry.
Check hamburger bun dough balls..they ARE rising.
Bake the hamburger bun dough balls until they are simply hamburger buns.
Make the french fries.
Cut up the fruit.
Make the hamburgers.
Assemble the mine hamburger with homemade bun and fresh bacon, cheese and burger.
EAT and hear….”Thanks, Mom. This is really Good.”

Too bad it’s TEN FIFTEEN!!!!!!