Photo_2006_2_1_23_46_50_editedPhoto_2006_2_1_23_12_49_editedMatt with the Red Power Ranger.
I made him a great Power Ranger costume that he wore every day! I had an older sewing machine then and it jammed all the time and made me crazy.
I got in my car, and went to the Bernina store to buy a new one.
To put it on monthly payments, I had to have Dan’s signature on the loan paper. He was working in Omaha at the time and was surprised to see me come in with loan papers for a sewing machine!
He signed them with a smirk.
That sewing machine was worth more than my car!

And Miss Megan, probably age 2, at my grandmother’s house. That hig chair was OLD and would probably NOT pass the OSHA safety test!!! She was (and still is) very tiny and always looked younger than she was.

This pose is one that we ALWAYS laugh about. We didn’t want her to get her high school photos with this pose…..

I’m going through some boxes of old photos and my life flashed before my eyes this afternoon. Many great memories.

I am re-doing my scraproom and I want to put up some shelves on one wall. Shelves that will be at least 10-12 inches deep and can hold my stuff. I like stuff to be "out" not in boxes or behind doors. Teresa has the same idea right now as she posted some pictures of her craft room.

I’ve got alot of work to do!