I have 25,000 e-mails stored on this computer.
I would have more, but there was a crash a few years ago and I lost alot of information.

E-mails ARE information.
I delete the junk.
I delete the ones I don’t care about.
But the ones I kept……well, some of them are full of memories.

They help me remember times and events and daily life. There are so many from Dan, just saying hello, or asking me how I’m doing, or saying a quick "I love you." I’ve kept those.
(I also save his voicemails when he is flying….you just never know.)

I’ve kept alot of e-mails with great websites on them. My brother was always trying to get on HunTel.net’s website of the day…which I choose…..and he was constantly sending me funny websites. Here’s an example of one!

If I go back and read them in order, I can see how Fine Arts Booster events happened. Many were planned online with Malinda, who was working in Dallas at the time and came home on weekends.
I have e-mails from some of Megan’s teachers.
There are also a few, complimenting my children, from a person who saw them in a show or read something they did, or helped with something Megan or Matt also helped with.

Those e-mails are priceless.
A quick glimpse back. A quick snapshot. A visual memory.
Delete them?
No Way!!!