I have developed a philosophy of “Local” over “Organic” when buying items for my kitchen, home, and sometimes gifts.
I’ve put together a list of “local” products I use and love.
Do you have any to add?

I am frequently frustrated that these local manufacturers don’t promote their products more on Facebook and Twitter, on their websites and use Advertising and Marketing.
(*I have an ancient degree in Advertising!)
But if I were to talk to them (which I wish I could) they’d probably tell me they are too busy MAKING their product to promote it!
It is up to us consumers to search out these local gems, use them, and promote them.

All of these products are made here in the Midwest and I have personally used, eaten and bought each one.

Cooper’s Best Pancake Mix
We use this Pancake Mix and it is available at a few of the Hy-Vee’s in Omaha.

Local Coffee and Nuts!
Pears Gourmet
Available at Hy-Vee, Pears on-site store and also online
Their nuts are large, fresh, and packaged beautifully.

The Village Piemaker makes wonderful fresh and local PIE!
Available at Hy-Vee

Ice Cream!
Create your own flavor at eCreamery!
You can order and have it delivered.

Baker’s Chocolate Meltaways

Palmer Candy Twin Bing
Nostalgic, delicious, and one of the few local chocolate companies left in the US.

Comforters and Pillows made from the Milkweed plant.
The ultimate in softness…and so unique.
I have met the owner, Herb Knudsen, and he is first-rate!

Grey Plume
This can be purchased at the Bread Oven in Dundee.

Batch At A Time Granola

Gluten Free Mixes
Kristen’s Kitchen
Kristy and her husband Mike are friends of ours. This product has been featured as a winner in Cooking Light magazine.

Iowa Tomatoes. ‘Nuff said.

Burbach’s Countryside Dairy
Milk in a glass bottle bottled right on the farm.

Morrison Farms Popcorn
Also Nebraska Beans

Let me know if you have more to add!