New Roast Chicken recipe


I love everything from Cooks Illustrated and America’s Test Kitchen. I have a membership to their website and I TIVO their shows on PBS. This one needed more cooking time, but it was very moist.

And my first attempt at biscuits……


I grew up in a family where the biscuits either came from Kentucky Fried Chicken, or a cardboard tube.
I did NOT get the biscuit gene and my son, TheNavySeal, LOVES biscuits.
I got some White Lily Flour on our way home from Florida and this was my first try.
Pretty Dry.


I’ll keep trying. (On a side note, my cute hubby gets a GOLD STAR for driving me to a grocery store during a gas and lunch break on our way home to SEE if they had this flour…..! Thanks, hunny)

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies are for dessert Matt’s lunches.


Also made a loaf of homemade bread for his lunch sammiches.


The carcass is now bubbling on the stove with some onions and peppercorns. I always make chicken stock after roasting a chicken. Then, I’ll use the broth for soup this week.