un beeeeeeeee leeeeeeeeeee vable.

The Junk Bonanza was…….well……heaven.
I took my camera, but was too dazed to take pictures. I did take one of ArtsyMama at her booth and bought some of her neat flashcards. It was nice to see a familiar face in the sea of all things junk! I also saw the women from Dime Store Days in Fremont and made a new friend from Laurel. She and I had a great chat.

I started my excursion in Mankato, where I thought I’d spend a day on their downtown riverfront area, shopping and sipping coffee at a quaint shop.
NO SUCH LUCK. I did not have fun at all in Mankato. No quaint coffee shops, antique stores were few and far between, and several were closed for no reason. I stayed at a hotel there that smelled of smoke, had thin walls and even thinner sheets.

But the NEXT town…St. Peter….made up for Mankato. Several antique stores, cute coffee spot. I’d love to go back there again.

My maps worked, and I made it to Medina just as the Junk Bonanza doors were opening. The first person I met was Ki! She was very nice to me, and seemed most unflustered amid all the chaos. The big convention center was filled with the best junk ever. They also had a huge tent next to it, with lots of portapotties all lined up. (Nice touch for us girls!)

I bought lots of buttons for Megan, some great flashcards, and a few other things. I’ll take some pictures when I get home.

Some vendors made me feel very welcome, and I liked that. Some could care less that I had wandered in their booth. They paid more attention to others. That’s fine. I’ll wait my turn to purchase something……

I’m glad I went. I saw alot of stuff I liked, but didn’t really want to own.
But there are alot of really talented women out there.