I know the recipe by heart and I change it almost every time I make it.
This is MY pie.
I don’t know when I started making it, but the maker is always me.
Every season.
And when I make it…I change it…improve it….update it….but never stray from the star ingredient….the Colorado Peach.

Colorado Peaches

My father-in-law starts talking about it around the 4th of July.
“Is It Time for Pie yet?”
He gets his own pie. Every season. He expects it.

It is always time for pie. But MY pie only happens when those peaches are perfectly ready.

This pie, MY pie, uses Colorado Peaches and ONLY Colorado Peaches.
No other peach will do. It is a perfectly persnickety peach pie.
It can only be made for a few weeks at the end of summer.
It doesn’t keep. It is best to share the pie with friends because the whole pie has to be eaten…or it gets soggy, mushy and icky.
No leftovers. No saving. No eating later.

Since it is labor intensive to make and then quickly eaten, some may think it not worth the effort.
But this Pie of Mine made with Colorado Peaches, sugar, peach essence and love, is worth it.

Life…like Pie…timed at the peak of ripeness and readiness, mixed with quality ingredients and love, yields success every time.

Wash and Peel 4-6 Colorado Peaches, reserving the peels.
Put about a cup of peels in a small saucepan with 1 cup of water, and boil until the water becomes essence of peach peels. Remove peels and cool.
Cut up and crush the peaches and place in a large saucepan. I crush the peaches with both of my hands, squishing them between my fingers.

Peaches In a Pot

In a large saucepan, combine
4-6 Colorado Peaches, peeled and crushed
1 C. Sugar
1/2 C. of the Peach Essence Water or plain water
3 T. Cornstarch
1 T. Butter

Peel and Crush 4-6 Colorado Peaches. Add Sugar, Peach Peel Essence or Water and Cornstarch in saucepan and bring to a boil. Stir and cook until thick. Stir in 1 T. Butter. Set aside to cool a bit.

Blind bake a pie shell and let cool.
I use a Pillsbury Pie Crust in the red box from the dairy case. The story is about the peaches, not the crust.

Peaches In Pie Shell

Peel and Slice 4 or more peaches to fill your pie shell.
Then cover with the almost cool Peach Sauce and let cool in the refrigerator until it is firmed up.

Sauce Over Peaches

Slice into 6 pieces.
Sit down. Take a bit and eat with pleasure.

Colorado P each Pie

So there it is in a PieShell.
Choose your ingredients wisely and in their own season.
Tinker with the recipe, adding and changing as needed.
Don’t save for a better time. Enjoy now!

Pie Montage