My frustration with what I cannot find has grown almost too big for me to deal with.
I just want to FIND someone to make this or do that or tell me this or sell me that.
And the things I want are NOT THAT OUT OF THE ORDINARY!!!

I’d like to find an event or party planner.
I’d like to find someone who can build me a deck. And will understand what I want. And be willing to try something new. And be excited about it.
I’d like to go into a store and have them be interested in having a customer.
I’d like to call my cell phone company and have a human answer the phone.
I’d like to have my Sunday newspaper thrown onto my porch instead of in the gutter at the end of the driveway.
I’d like to buy the garbage sacks, dog food and tea I like at my local grocery store.
I’d like Charmin to make the single ply TP again.
I’d like flowers to SMELL like flowers.

And while I’m not yet done feeling like being queen of all things, here’s a few more!

I’d like EVERYONE to drive SIXTY MILES PER HOUR on Highway 133.
If EVERYONE drove the speed limit, it wouldn’t be such a crappy commute to and from Omaha.
But if you are unable to drive SIXTY and instead prefer to lollagag along at FIFTY, just pull over and let the long line of speed limit drivers behind you go in front of you.

I’d like people to realize that there is a left and right side to a grocery aisle. Not a middle lane. Put your cart on one side or the other.

Ahhhh. Now I feel better. Is there a website out there where you can just complain and then someone will send you an e-mail saying you are right and we are sorry???
That would be SWEET!!!!