Groundbreaking party for the new hospital on this perfect Blair evening. Beautiful setting and some great speakers, including Dr. Bagby who said…




So much has changed in medicine in the last 50 years. Back in the day, when they built the first hospital, they made food from the fruit trees in the back yard of the facility. My friend Patty says you can’t have a good community without a great hospital and school. She’s right.

Here’s to the next generation of babies born here and their mothers who get to rest in RoomNumberOne. And the souls who will die here, after a lifetime of care by some wonderful nurses and doctors and staff. And the families who will grow up here, under the care of a new generation of doctors, who will use new equipment to diagnose and treat diseases.

But one thing will remain the same.
If you get a COLD, it will either take a week to get better without medicine or 7 days if you take medicine.