I have forgotten to take the garbage to the curb for the last TWO weeks.
I didn’t forget once.
I forgot TWICE!!!
Now, in MY defense, the garbage guys USED to come early in the morning, then late in the afternoon, like at 3 p.m. I’m still on the last in the afternoon schedule in my head…..but they come in the morning now.

I don’t like putting our garbage out too early because of the prevailing 40 mile an hour winds that envelope our house every day.

I’ve been ordering stuff and junk from ebay lately and I have lots of boxes.
And I’ve become too lazy to recycle our cans and papers and cardboard and class, so I just throw it all away. And we seem to have ALOT of garbage lately.
And it’s ALL going to the curb TONIGHT.
or tomorrow morning.

If I don’t forget.