I’ve decided to go on a Hamburger Hunt here at The Lake.

Today, my Mom and I tried Dukes, a place that WAS a food cart on Okoboji Grove Road…and is now located in a Restaurant on the main drag……where Sneaky’s Chicken was last summer.
We went at dinner time on a Sunday night, and the place was full although a table was available. People of all ages were there, enjoying dinner. There are also some tables outside.

I love a thin, slightly crispy burger, a fantastic bun, and a few condiments.

Dukes Burger

This Burger did NOT Disappoint! The menu says the beef is Fresh, Never Frozen Certified Angus Beef.
This one came with a tomato, a ton of chopped lettuce, cheese, skinny sliced onions and some Secret Sauce.
I might have recognized the bun as the kind I buy at Fareway.
They call this on the Gnarly. All the burgers had “surfer” names.
(Okoboji is NOT a surfer kind of place….but I’m not sure WHAT kind of place it IS!)
It was Incredibly Messy but I didn’t care. It came wrapped in paper and served in a basket sans utensils.

Dukes burger and Fries

The fries were also good. Not too many, and they were crispy and hot. Not soggy at all.

Dukes Menu

My husband will especially love that they serve Coleslaw!
I will go back. I want to try some more menu options.
I could not find a website for Duke’s and their Facebook page isĀ  outdated, but the food is good!