I drove to the Lake today.
And Back.
A little more than seven hours…..all alone…….


Things are different up there. Still ice covering about 80% of the lakes. Grey. Snowpiles still laying around. Nothing is waking up yet.


The drywall and insulation are going up in the next seven days. Ducts have been moved….plumbing has been changed….lights have been installed in the ceilings…. outlets have been added…….windows are being sanded……..


The long square metal vent in the middle of this photo is very exciting to me! It is a properly installed DRYER VENT!!!! Before the flood, it was a plastic tube held up with shoe laces across the ceiling of the laundry room.
I will never again underestimate the power of proper venting!!!


The new shower in our Grandma Florida’s bedroom will have walls sort of like this in Bisque color.


With a door maybe like this one.


The cabinet doors have been changed to black stain. The flooring is still black and white tile. The countertop will be a sand colored formica. And I’m doing whimsical old-fashionded GLASS handles and knobs. So Fun!!!


I appreciated everyone’s help and opinions today. I’m finding it increasingly hard to make decisions.