My Used-to-be-Kitchen.
And then after they dumped that bulging ceiling of wet insulation!



Used to be Master Bedroom, Living Room and Dining Room…


Used to be Horrific Ugly Bathroom!


This photo is kind of interesting if you like doors that close and SEAL. This does neither. See the white stripe running down the center of the photo? It’s not paint or a door part.

It’s the OUTSIDE!!!!


Water Damage to the windowsill.


Even the entryway is getting gutted!

But you KNOW it’s not a big construction job until the Portapotty arrives!!!


Next step….choosing a contractor. We interviewed at least 3 today. They will all have to make a bid on doing the project and then we pick. They are all good. All had great ideas.
This will be a hard decision.

On a more serious note, so many of our friends have voiced their sympathy for this disaster. We are so appreciative of all the pats on our shoulders and support. We really are. It helps.


We are doing fine.
We don’t LIVE in the house and nothing of value was lost or damaged that cannot be fixed. We have insurance to pay for the remodel. I have time to work on it…..(along with planning two graduations and a wedding for the month of May!)

The contractors we spoke with this past week or so have told stories of other families who had similar water pipe breaks and even fires.
THEY are out of a home. No clothes, no home…they are staying at motels, and trying to get by.

Great people are stepping up to help us at the Lake.

It just sucks.