Another trip. Another flight in the plane. So Lucky.
And here’s the difference between what a PILOT reads……and what a SEMI-RETIRED MOM reads!!!

We have returned from the Greenbrier Hotel….for a BOY SCOUT MEETING!
Now THIS is MY kind of camping!

My parents have stayed here and told me it was really nice. But I was FLOORED when I walked in.

2009 09 30_4575_edited-1
The Chairs. In the Lobby. And The Carpet. Black. And. White. Polkadots.
I almost fell down weeping and rolling around on that carpet.

2009 09 30_4576_edited-12009 09 30_4577_edited-12009 09 30_4578_edited-1
The hotel is decorated in Dorothy Draper style.
And this is just the lobby!